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It All Started with a Trombone
~ The Hornman Memoirs ~

It All Started with a Trombone

Now in Production

The Hornman Movie

Bill Nemoyten has transformed thousands of lives with his passion and dedication to music and the arts. It all started over seventy years ago with a beat up loner trombone and free lessons from his public school music program. But with the devastating decline in funding for arts education since then, how many potential Bill Nemoytens have we already lost?

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Bill Nemoyten has spent over 70 years playing, teaching and instilling a love of music and the arts in hundreds of people’s lives. After “retirement” he created The Hornman Show so he could continue to educate and delight audiences of all ages. Look around for information about the shows he does in SchoolsLibraries and Retirement Homes as well as with Concert Bands and Orchestras. The Hornman looks forward to hearing from you!

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